Through the Prism

After passing through the prism, each refraction contains some pure essence of the light, but only an incomplete part. We will always experience some aspect of reality, of the Truth, but only from our perspectives as they are colored by who and where we are. Others will know a different color and none will see the whole, complete light. These are my musings from my particular refraction.


Let's Get ITT Started

The sprinters have had their fun. Robbie McEwen has three stage wins and a commanding lead for the Green Jersey. Tom Boonen has used time bonuses and consistency to ride in Yellow for a number of days now. But tomorrow should be his last chance to do so. Tomorrow the big boys come out to play. The past week hasn't been nothing. They've ridden hard for 6 tense days, putting stress on thier bodies and working hard to stay out of trouble. Not all have made it this far. Alejandro Valverde, leader of the ProTour and one of the main favorites to win the Tour this year, got caught up in a crash on stage 3 and had to go home with a broken collarbone. A number of others also ended their race this year in the gutter. There's been nothing easy so far; but now it's time for the real race to begin. Tomorrow is the first Individual Time Trial of the 2006 edition, and we'll find out who's going to contend for real.


At 7/07/2006 8:48 PM, Blogger The Girl in Black said...

I may regret this later... but tripped across another cycling enthusiast's blog:

I'm a bit frightened by the fact he uses the EXACT same blog template.

Enjoy in moderation. : )


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