Through the Prism

After passing through the prism, each refraction contains some pure essence of the light, but only an incomplete part. We will always experience some aspect of reality, of the Truth, but only from our perspectives as they are colored by who and where we are. Others will know a different color and none will see the whole, complete light. These are my musings from my particular refraction.


Knowledge Is Power

Another Pratchett quote from A Hat Full of Sky:

"Well, couldn't you help him by magic?"
"I see to it that he's in no pain, yes," said Miss Level.
"But that's just herbs."
"It's still magic. Knowing things is magical, if other people don't know them."

And thus our rationale for why doctors and lawyers and such get paid more money than the rest of us, not so much for what they can do, but because of what they know.


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