Through the Prism

After passing through the prism, each refraction contains some pure essence of the light, but only an incomplete part. We will always experience some aspect of reality, of the Truth, but only from our perspectives as they are colored by who and where we are. Others will know a different color and none will see the whole, complete light. These are my musings from my particular refraction.


Refrain from Violence of Fist, Tongue, and Heart

MLK and the “Progressive Hunter”

. . . As I watch the degeneration of political rhetoric in campaign ads and cable television, and think about our Truth and Civility Election Watch, Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Nonviolence Pledge" reminds me why this is all so important. Here it is:

1. As you prepare to march, meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus.
2. Remember the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation -- not victory.
3. Walk and talk in the manner of love; for God is love.
4. Pray daily to be used by God that all men and women might be free.
5. Sacrifice personal wishes that all might be free.
6. Observe with friends and foes the ordinary rules of courtesy.
7. Perform regular service for others and the world.
8. Refrain from violence of fist, tongue, and heart.
9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.
10. Follow the directions of the movement leaders and of the captains on demonstrations.

King clearly connects the violence of the tongue, fist, and heart. Walking and talking in the manner of love is required. Compare King's admonition to seek "justice and reconciliation -- not victory" with the political victory-at-any-cost strategies and methodologies that are heating up just three weeks before the midterm election. The attempt is not just to
disagree with one's opponents (a perfectly legitimate and, indeed, healthy activity during the democratic processes of elections), but to demonize them; not to treat them as adversaries but as enemies. MLK's pledge should be a spiritual exercise for all of those on the campaign trail. . . .


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