Through the Prism

After passing through the prism, each refraction contains some pure essence of the light, but only an incomplete part. We will always experience some aspect of reality, of the Truth, but only from our perspectives as they are colored by who and where we are. Others will know a different color and none will see the whole, complete light. These are my musings from my particular refraction.


A Call to Fight Oppression

Common sense and reason dictate that women should not be allowed to vote.  Liberal extremists will claim that this is a right women should have, yet the vast majority of societies around the world for the vast majority of history would say the opposite--including many countries, cultures, and religions today.  Women simply aren't designed by nature to have that kind of authority.

Now, you might argue my claim from the scope of history based on the fact that "voting" is a fairly recent development, so I say the same holds true for the historical equivalents such as owning land, running businesses, and participating in commerce.  The Bible, for instance, has many passages making reference to "widows and orphans," usually in the context of the people of God taking care of them.  That is because in God's perfect society men provide for their women and children, so "widows and orphans" are those without a man to provide; even without their men they are to be excluded from providing for themselves, so God has instructed His people to look after them in other ways.

And that is just one minor example God and his Bible instructing us of His design.*  Good Christians who follow His laws and teachings know that women should not be voting, despite what the heathen leaders of this country have decided to dictate to the contrary.  This law allowing women to vote is a clear example of religious intolerance meant to attack our Christian morality.  Did our God-fearing Founding Fathers believe women should be allowed to vote?  No!  They knew what God intended, unlike the atheist evangelicals trying to destroy our country today.  It is a matter of religious freedom--and our God-given duty--to fight this oppression of voting women.

So I am calling on all Christians who work in and volunteer for election offices to join in protest against this affront to God.  When you encounter a woman wanting to vote, simply cite your religious freedom to prevent her.  The government can't force you to allow her to vote because it is against your beliefs as a faithful Christian.  If we stand united in our beliefs, we will be able to reverse this appalling moment of government overreach.

*I wanted to be brief in stating my call to arms, so I barely scratched the surface of God's laws and teachings.  Here's a short excerpt of a much more detailed and thorough explanation--and many more can be found with an easy bit of research:
[NOTE.--We have printed this Letter, which will be continued in our next Number, not as an expression of our own views, but simply as the plea of an earnest and thoughtful Christian woman addressed to her fellow-countrywomen.--EDITOR OF HARPER.]

 . . . Believing then in the greater physical powers of man, and in his superiority, to a limited extent, in intellect also, as two sufficient reasons for the natural subordination of woman as a sex, we have yet a third reason for this subordination. Christianity can be proved to be the safest and highest ally of man's nature, physical, moral, and intellectual, that the world has yet known. It protects his physical nature at every point by plain, stringent rules of general temperance and moderation. To his moral nature it gives the pervading strength of healthful purity. To his intellectual nature, while on one hand it enjoins full development and vigorous action, holding out to the spirit the highest conceivable aspirations, on the other it teaches the invaluable lessons of a wise humility. This grand and holy religion, whose whole action is healthful, whose restraints are all blessings--this gracious religion, whose chief precepts are the love of God and the love of man--this same Christianity confirms the subordinate position of woman, by allotting to man the headship in plain language and by positive precept. No system of philosophy has ever yet worked out in behalf of woman the practical results for good which Christianity has conferred on her. Christianity has raised woman from slavery and made her the thoughtful companion of man; finds her the mere toy, or the victim of his passions, and it places her by his side, his truest friend, his most faithful counselor, his helpmeet in every worthy and honorable task. It protects her far more effectually than any other system. It cultivates, strengthens, elevates, purifies all her highest endowments, and holds out to her aspirations the most sublime for that future state of existence, where precious rewards are promised to every faithful discharge of duty, even the most humble. But, while conferring on her these priceless blessings, it also enjoins the submission of the wife to the husband, and allots a subordinate position to the whole sex while here on earth. No woman calling herself a Christian, acknowledging her duties as such, can, therefore, consistently deny the obligation of a limited subordination laid upon her by her Lord and His Church.

From these three chief considerations--the great inferiority of physical strength, a very much less and undefined degree of inferiority in intellect, and the salutary teachings of the Christian faith--it follows that, to a limited degree, varying with circumstances, and always to be marked out by sound reason and good feeling, the subordination of woman, as a sex, is inevitable. . . .


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