Through the Prism

After passing through the prism, each refraction contains some pure essence of the light, but only an incomplete part. We will always experience some aspect of reality, of the Truth, but only from our perspectives as they are colored by who and where we are. Others will know a different color and none will see the whole, complete light. These are my musings from my particular refraction.


Worry Wards Against Evil

It's not just me!

But worrying was supposed to keep bad things from happening--that was the entire point of worrying. You said to yourself, I hope I don't X, and you didn't, see? Because you worried about it.

When I was young and afraid of imaginary things in the dark, I made a game of imagining all the ways those monsters might catch me unawares and stealthily snatch me. Because every scenario I imagined was immediately eliminated from the catalog of possibilities. I couldn't be caught unawares in that situation once it entered my realm of awareness. So the more ways of being seized I could conceive, the safer I'd be. The worry was the safeguard.

I thought I was the only one who experienced worry like this, then I ran across the passage above in Laura Ruby's book The Shadow Cipher. I know plenty of worriers and people with anxiety, but generally they are less happy because of it and this is the first time I've seen worrying so well described as a type of reassurance. It wards us against evil. At the very least, catastrophizing allows us less spontaneous, deliberate types to create back-up plans in advance for things not going as we expect; it's a way of being more adaptive.


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