Through the Prism

After passing through the prism, each refraction contains some pure essence of the light, but only an incomplete part. We will always experience some aspect of reality, of the Truth, but only from our perspectives as they are colored by who and where we are. Others will know a different color and none will see the whole, complete light. These are my musings from my particular refraction.



That was nice. I just spent the second half of my lunch hour out walking in the 90-degree heat, soaking up the sun. When I was a student and then school librarian I got out plenty during the summer and looked for ways to avoid the heat. Now that I'm locked inside all day, I actually miss it. Ever since returning from the cruise I've found myself staring longingly out the window, wanting to get back to sweating and working on my sunburn. And I don't even need tropical beaches (although I wouldn't complain). I miss the dry, scrubby grass and hard, cracked earth of the Kansas plains. I don't care, I just want to be outside. All the time. I've always said spring and fall are my favorite times of year, but only getting dashes of summer is making me re-evaluate.

(That said, I think we're going to break down and put in the window units this weekend. Last night was the first time it didn't cool off enough overnight to sleep well, even with fans. I don't mind being hot during the day, but I've got to be able to sleep without sweating through the sheets.)


At 6/16/2006 11:27 PM, Blogger Amiene Rev said...

it is nice to go outside and to explore. got many idea to write stories. :)


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